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How to assign Tickets to an Advisor

After reviewing the ticket notes determine to which group to assign it to and then assign it to the appropriate tech within the group. Zendesk_14.png




Infosys desk will be under Level 1 Support and then you select the agent.

There is an option of copying any user in CC depending the severity of the ticket.


Once you scroll below you can see the different types by the different classification which are

Question /Incident / Problem & Task.




Question – Would be essential be a question, like how do I, were do I, who do I such things we classify as question.

Incident – Would be used if we have like system outage or one issue with many affected, Once incident is selected you will see an addition field link incident to a problem.



Problem –

‘A problem will be any issue reported by a user, I can’t log in , I need help , the system is down, I can’t print .


Task – It is basically any issue which needs a tech attentions such as password reset account creation adding user.

You can see the next tab which speaks about Priority.

Priority are always depending upon the ticket type and are set by the requester accordingly.



Then the next tab is the full name, in which the full name of the requester should be entered this is useful for reporting.






The next tab is what it shows what it is regarding to –

This have various options which we need to select accordingly and depends on the fault what type it is.

You can see that below –

CDSW – This will have different option again to select the appropriate category according to the fault.

Hardware – This will again have different option again to select the appropriate category according to the fault.

*HR *– This will be HR related issues and have different option to select as per the category.

Others – This is when you are not able to categorized.

*Software *– Issues related to software, installation, virus, Lync, etc.

User Account – Issues related to account creation, email, badge access, delete account, Google drive, etc.

Web Portal – This will have different options to select accordingly as per our fault like – Buyer Portal,

Event System, Sales and Vendor Portal, Warehouse.


The next tab is the Company Name which -

ADS – Aon demo System (Japan) for specially Event Systems account creation details.

CDS – Club Demonstration Service –US

CDS Int’l - Cds Taiwan CDST / CDS Korea CDSK / CDS Australia CDSA / CDS Mexico CDSM or it can be CDS Spain CDSP.

CDSW – It’s a west region of US like LA, Bay Area and North West Region.

EMI – Elite Marketing Interactions, It’s kind of CDS in east coast.

Insights – Secret shopper they may also refer them as Caliber.

Other – Is used for sales and vendor portal.

OTO - is essentially the same kind of business CDS & EMI and the store which they work is Giant Eagle

Pick n Pay – is for South Africa

Specialized Service – Triple Point is the Event System.

CDS Ware house Number – is only required if a CDS is calling.

Submission Method – Most of the submission will be from email / Phone Calls / Web

Site / Live Chat

We need to select manually as per the details are reflecting for the Submission Method.

Nikhil Bhilavade

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