Field link - Sales Advisor's clocking out procedure Update



Attached is the release notes sent all locations about the coming update in the tablet that will be pushed. A tentative release date is Sunday, October 14th 2018 late in the evening.

 The core change:

  • Once a Sales Advisor clicks check out, they cannot adjust their check out time.  Any adjustment due to errors, etc. must be made by a manager with permissions to complete a daily recap.
  • Once a Sales Advisor clicks check out, the displayed time is a counter with hour, minute, and seconds.  Their “true” check out time then becomes when they are finished with the survey and hit “Submit”
  • All other time punches (check in, breaks) can still be adjusted by the Sales Advisor.


  • GSD is getting calls from users that the Fieldlink application is not updated on their tablets yet.

Description: Field link - Sales Advisor's clocking out procedure Update 


  • Guide the user to connect the tablet to the Wi-Fi ,clear cache,force stop the Fieldlink app and restart the tablet.

Once the above steps are complete, the update will be available on the Fieldlink.

Reference: 463375

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