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 “How To Upload” Concur Receipts

Below are different instructions on filing your receipts with Concur. If you are unable to upload your receipts, contact the Concur support team at

Uploading receipts into your expense report:

  • Click the “Expense” Tab from the Concur home page

  • Select the expense report for the receipt
  • Click “Receipts”, and “Attach Receipt Image”


  • The “Receipts Upload and Attach” window appears.

Note-To enter a mass receipt file for all the expenses on this report DO NOT click on any individual expenses. Click “Browse”, select the receipt file, and click “upload”.


To enter an individual receipt for the individual item select the expense, select the receipt for the individual expense and click “upload”. Repeat the process for all expenses on the report.

Select the receipt from the file on your device by double clicking or clicking the receipts and selecting “open


  • Select “Upload” and “Close” from the “Receipts Upload and Attach”
    • The button, indicates the receipt was uploaded to the individual expense.
    • The button indicate the receipt was NOT uploaded. Repeat steps 1-5.

Faxing receipts

  • Click the “Expense” Tab from the Concur home page

  • Select the expense report for the receipt
  • Select “Print” and from the drop down menu select “Advantage Fax Receipt Cover Page


  • A new window “Fax Cover Page” will appear. Print this page and fax to Concur support along with supporting receipts.


Fax to:

 (858) 431-1798

Note: Receipts faxed are uploaded in order received. If information is missing the receipt will not be uploaded to avoid errors. 

Emailing receipts

As an associate you have the option of registering your email address in order to email your receipts so they are available when you create your report. 

  • Verify your email address by going to “Profile Settings


  •  Click on Email Address


  • Ensure the email address on file is correct and click “Verify
    • If your email address is incorrect email the Concur support team.

  • A pop up window will appear notifying you an email confirmation was sent. Click “OK” to close the window.


  • Review the email and copy the verification code


  • Copy code into Concur and select


  • A confirmation window will appear, select.


  • Your email address has been confirmed, at this time you can start emailing in your receipts from this email address to

Saving receipts to Concur library

  • Click the “Expense” Tab from the Concur home page



  • Click “Upload new Receipt

  • The “Receipts Upload” window will appear. Select


  • The “File Upload” window will appear. Select the receipt file and click “open” and


  • From the “Receipt Upload” window select  and  .
  • The receipt will uploaded into your library and is available to be uploaded into any report being created.

Note you are only able to upload receipts into your report upon creation of the report. This option will not be available for reports that have already been filed.


If you are unable to upload receipts with any of the above instructions email the Concur support team at



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