Unable to Login to Skype


Unable to login to skype

Error received

There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server

When user attempts to login with Advantage Credentials on Daymon Imaged Machine and is presented with the error “ There was a problem verifying the Certificate from the Server”


At this time make sure that you are logged into the Administrator Account.

If you are not on the Admin Account you will need to navigate to


Inside of that folder you will search for MMC

When you see MMC- Highlight it and Press Shift + CTRL + Rightclick

This will give you the Option to Launch as Another User

Choose Run as different User

Enter Administrator Username and Password

When the Console1 opens Click on File>Add/Remove Snap-in…

In the Add or Remove Snap-Ins menu click on Certificatesfinal.PNG

Click Add

Choose Computer accountsnapin.PNGlocal.PNG

Ensure Local is selected

Click OK

When back at the Console View

Double Click On Certificates so it opens

Once all Certificate Folders are Listed open Trusted Root Certification Authorities


Confirm that there is no Advantage Certification listed

If no Advantage Certification is listed

Download the Cert from the following link

Right Click on Certificate inside of Trusted Root Certification Authorities- All Tasks-Import



Browse to the location where you downloaded the Certificate

Advantage Sales and Marketing Root CA.crt

You will now see the Advantage Certification listed in the Certificates Folder for Trusted Root Certificate Authorities

Close the Console- Don’t Save Console Settings

Attempt to login to Skype again

If done correctly Skype will now Login without Issue

Should the above link not work The CRT file has been attached as well.

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