For releasing spam messages that are caught in the “picture spam only this is the process.  Action the agent must take in order to receive the blocked message:

In order to release the message to you please forward this email to Daymon Customer care at requesting that the message be released.

Upon the receipt of the request the message be reviewed and if it deemed to be acceptable. It will be forwarded during normal business hours (M-F, 8am-6pm ET).  The blocked message will be retained for 10 business days from the original send date.  If a request is not received for the mail to be released and forwarded within said time frame it will be deleted.

 Gather info about the sender –

From, date and time, and the subject of the email.  Verify the image on the mail.


Listed below is an example message with attached suspicious attachment:

Message Details: 
The email was sent on Mon, 30 Apr 2018 15:23:35 +0000 The message was sent from - The subject of the e-mail was: - Re: Kim out 12 weeks The size of the message was - 64428 The attachment filename was - 
image003.jpg, image004.jpg

Here is the plain text version: 
(The following text was altered for security reasons) 
Awesome pics. God bless! I’ll call you later today. Bill Nolan VP of SalesBrooklyn On Apr 30, 2018, at 11:20 AM, Kimberly Cates wrote: Good morning! I’m back! If you have something urgent, please shoot me an email. If not, I will set up some time fora quick call to get caught back up. Please see below for unsolicited photos of Dylan Rose ☺ image003.jpg image004.jpg image001.png Kim Cates Business Manager904-440-2807 o |210.789.9992 c | kcates@daymon.com701 San Marco Blvd, Suite 1201 | Jacksonville, FL 32207 | www.daymon.comFrom: Kimberly Cates Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 9:46 AM To: Kim Cates ( ) Cc: Charles Marks Subject: Kim out 12 weeks Team….As many of you are aware, I am having a baby girl due in February 2018. The official due date is February 17th, but after a doctor’s appointment yesterday, the baby will be making her debut on Monday, January 29th!In addition, I have been placed on modified bedrest and will be working from home as close to the 29th of January as I can manage. With the exception of sales calls and anything physical, I will continue to be the main point of contact and will let everyone know when it is time to switch over to my replacement 100%.Chuck Marks will be filling in for me while I am away and will be making in-person sales calls and doing the physical things that cannot manage currently. Please start to copy him on email communications so he gets into the flow of anything we are working on, but rest assured that I will make sure he is up-to-speed on your business and where we are with any projects. He is a bakery and meat veteran, and you will be in GREAT hands .His contact information is below : Chuck Marks


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