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Example:  e-learning division has used software to create data for needed for e-learning, but it cannot be created with security software installed.  Warning message appears and when end user clicks on “Allow” it still will not allow end user to create the learning module.

Trend Micro security software “blocks” files with specific extensions.  This request is to exclude an executables file. 

Before executing this exclusion, you must contact the account liaison who will ask for authorization from the IT director before this request can be processed. Include the software name, and directories in which the files are located.

The steps below are to add the exclusion so the end user can run the executable file.

Right click on the Trend Micro icon found in the task bar.  Select “Open Security Agent Console”

Click on the “lock” icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, click “unlock” a window will appear asking you to enter the administrator password.

The “Scan Target” window will appear, click on “Exclusions”

Click on “Enable exclusions”, “Include Trend Micro product folders”  Click “Add”.  The directories and Files windows will populate, click “Apply.

The end user should now be able to run the executable file.


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