Adobe Order Template


If a request for an Adobe comes thru Kissflow, it already has manager approval.

  If the request comes thru the helpdesk, you will need to email their manager for approval.  Use the template below:

Please use the following template to email manager for Adobe Purchase approval and add to the ticket.  Once approval is received, use the section under Team to make the request for purchasing.

The following user is requesting <insert Adobe product here>. The cost per year for this software is <insert total here>.



User email:

Business Unit:

Cost center Name:


Please let us know if you approve or deny this request.


Thank you


Global Support Desk






We need an <insert adobe product here> for


User email:

Business Unit:

Cost center Name:

Approving manager:



Once approval is received forward the email to let them now that the user is requesting license type and ask how many are available, also cc  Enter the requester information as in the sample below:

Let the manager know that the license renewal takes place every June, and inform them that this is the cost of the license per year.

Login information for the adobe portal is below:



URL  are listed in the screenshot above.

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