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CDS/Interactions –

Please see KB00184 for completing tickets and SHI request for additional information that is required.

New requests:  Hardware that doesn’t need any configuration (i.e. cables, mouse keyboard, etc.) are to be ordered through Procurify.  Check with Jonathan Morales or Shawn Pourhosseini first to see if we have equipment on hand, if so they will instruct you to order another one through Procurify to replenish stock that was sent from here to end user. If not place the hardware order.  Hardware that does not need any configuration can be sent directly to the client. If they   The Laptop or computer MUST come to San Diego for imaging.  When placing an order with SHI (or any vendor) if the order is to be shipped to two different address (i.e. end user and San Diego office) ensure that shipping address is indicated in the P.O. for both destinations. Follow up with the vendor to make sure that is understood.


Replacement:  Service tag is required!  Ticket must include all troubleshooting steps followed to see if the system can first be repaired.  If the system does need to be replaced, then check with L2 to see if we have equipment on hand that can be send out from San Diego.  L2 will instruct you for ordering instructions to replenish stock on hand.  Remember to get model of monitors and docking station as we need to ensure that they will work with the new computer.  (Verify port type e.g. DVI, HDMI, VGA, etc)

If tablet replacement (or an additional tablet) is needed.  Level 2 support will need to know what the issue is with the old tablet, troubleshooting steps that were taken, agent will need to ask if this is their main tablet, training tablet or other.  If this is a new tablet purchase agent will need to find out if housing unit and brackets are needed. Agent will need to ask if brackets are needed where the mounting units will be placed.  Some CDS offices are “cage” type offices, and there isn’t any wall mount units available for this type of office space.  Typically CDS facilities department can assist with mounting the tablet in this type of office settings.

If basic troubleshooting fails and tablet is broken and needs to be replaced

Collect this information from the user.

Serial Number

Model number (Which model is it?  A, B or C)


End user name and phone number

VP approval?

Shipping address

Level 1 will inform the end user that the ticket will be escalated to the Level 2 team for determination of repair or replacement

Assign ticket to the Level 2 team and agent, status of ticket should be “Open”

If the tablet is stolen a police report will be required as well as the information listed above



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