Distribution list owner is not receiving email from DL list



If the owner if the distribution list is not receiving email from his group, login to OWA, click on the Admin icon



Click on Admin Center, choose Exchange



This opens the Exchange admin center.  Under recipients, click on “groups”



Enter the distribution list group name in the search window (click on the magnifying glass) hit enter


Double click on the group name, click on “ownership” add yourself as owner and remove original owner. 


Remove the owner from the membership as well.  Wait about 15 minutes for system sync.  Then add the owner back to ownership and membership, save changes.  Wait 15 minutes for system sync.  Then run a message trace to see if subscription notification has been sent.


Enter the date range – use the drop down list, select to search for messages sent or received within the past 24 hours, 48 hours or 7 days.  You can also select a custom time frame that includes any range within the past 90 days.

Delivery status – use the drop-down list, select the status of the message you want to view information about.  If you leave the default “All” to cover all statuses.

  • Delivered
  • Failed
  • Pending
  • Expanded
  • Unknown

Message ID - The Message Id or Client ID, found in the header of the message with the “Message-ID: token.

Sender – You can narrow the search by clicking the “Add Sender” button next to the Sender field.

Recipient – You can narrow the search by clicking the “Add Recipient” button next to the Recipient field

Then click “Ok”


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