Advantage users and new hires process for ordering iPads



The hiring manager needs to get the Advantage created EID and go to the site below to order equipment, this process has not changed for them. The issue is we don’t believe the process has been activated to email the manager the Advantage EID so for now they can be directed to contact the gsd support desk to obtain the EID

Your associates Advantage profile has been created, please see important information below.  If your associate will be required to use an Advantage/ARTS managed device to complete in store retail work, please visit our equipment order site link below and user the associates Advantage ID to submit your order

Associate:  Joe Newhire

Advantage ID: 773456789 (Example number)

  • We are working on a process to email the manager once this Advantage Number is generated
  • Manager can call ARTS support to get the number. If SAS has sent the associate over in our daily feed they can get the number from us and order a device.


  • Select Equipment Order Site Link
  • Login to Site: Advantage Login
  • Employee ID: Associate Advantage ID
  • Team: Select Correct Retail Team
  • Order Type: New Hire
  • Territory ID: Correct Territory ID
  • Confirm All other Order Options
  • Select “Submit Request”


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