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Login Issues:

Note:  The difference between SAS "New" and SAS "Old" is SAS "New" is used on the Samsung tablets, SAS "Old" is used in Windows.  So always clarify which hardware enduser is  trying to login to.


  • Primarily utilized by lead merchandisers and merchandisers. Program management also has access, while merchandisers can only access the Field App for verification of hours worked.
  • Link for access is
  • Can be used with any web browser, unlike previous SAS apps such as GAMS Retail.

Logging In

  • Login screen is displayed on the right.
  • Username will always be the user’s email, while the password will be the last 6 digits of the user’s Social Security number .
  • For any login issues, a support ticket will have to be created and sent to HR as the password will be the last 6 digits of end user’s SSN that is recorded with Human Resources. Users can also click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link for password recovery.

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