Ordering New or Replacement Equipment Process when completing Ticket and SHI requests.



Please always include the following information:

  1. PO/TICKET #:
    1. Please ensure you are adding the correct and complete PO #/ZenDesk Ticket # on the SHI or Procurify Request
  2. Business Unit:
    1. This can be the common name: CDS Field, SAS Retail, The Agency, etc.
    2. Or the actual Business Unit/Cost Center number
  3. Approved By:
    1. Who is the VP Approver for this request?
      1. ie: Mark Egan, Matt Rank, Denise Decker, Vicki Combs, etc.
    2. Allocated To / Recipient:
      1. Who is this equipment request being allocated to?
        1. You should be including Division and Individual as follows, where able.
          1. CDSWHS 204 – Andrew Lee
          2. Walmart – Barbara Gibbs
          3. Natural Grocers – Chris Hebert
        2. Is it NEW equipment or REPLACEMENT equipment?
          1. Are they replacing existing old/broken/not working equipment or is it brand new equipment?
        3. State Shipped To:
          1. Is this equipment being set up in your office and being shipped to its final location?
            1. If the answer is YES you need to include where its final shipping address is
            2. Please include COMPLETE addresses


Blank Template to use on each request.

  • PO/TICKET #:
  • Business Unit:
  • Approved By:
  • Allocated To / Recipient:
  • Is it NEW equipment or REPLACEMENT equipment?
  • State Shipped To:
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