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If inquiries are made to request One Drive training, please forward the following message to the person requesting training.

To sign up for the Introduction course, click HERE.


To sign up for the Q&A session, click HERE.





Throughout the month of February, associates will have the opportunity to attend OneDrive training sessions and separate Q&A sessions. Both sessions are designed to help associates further understand the logistics and offerings of this robust tool.


The Introduction training session will cover a variety of topics including navigation, sharing, editing and syncing files. This overview will offer a closer look into sharing files externally, including how to share files with our Advantage colleagues. The session will last for 45 minutes.

If you have specific questions, sign up for the 30-minute Q&A session. This session is designed to train users on specific use cases and scenarios.

After registering for a session, you will receive an Outlook calendar invitation with details on how to join.


For troubleshooting and issues, please call the Global Support Desk at 800-573-8861, extension #2.


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