How to check your Work History



How to check your Work History

Step 1) Go to


Step 2) Use your credentials to log into the field site.

Username is your email on Workday

Password is your last 4 of your SSN.

Step 3) In the Field app, click on the Icon circled between the “English (US)” & the Bell.

Step 4) Click “View Full Profile”.

Step 5) It will direct you to the employee’s profile with the “Work History” & “Schedule” underneath their information.

Step 6) Set a range of dates. In this case, we will use “2017-06-08” & “2017-060-08”. Press “FILTER” and it will show the breakdown of the day.

Step 7) Breakdown of the Work day

Regular Payroll hrs is 8.94 and it includes the Paid Travel hrs 1h 11m (1.19). Travel Expense (Mileage) is an additional $10.90 gained.

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