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This article contains the process adding users to SPAM manager



  • This can only be performed by the core team

NetOps has to give admin access for this to be performed.  

  1. Access the customers environment by going to Day-SMSPW02
  2. Log on to
  3. On your local PC:
  4. User email address for your username and password you setup when you first emailed for your account creation.


   5.Choose the Administration tab.

     6.Choose Create Accounts   

     7.Enter the entire email account (i.e.

  • If the user has more than one SMTP address for their mailbox, they will need to be setup for each SMTP address separately in SPAM Manager.

IMPORTANT – MUST BE LOWERCASE!  Include all SMTP entries for the user.  Check both boxes

      8.Click create accounts

  • It will show in red below the box if it was successful.

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