Computer boots to PXE-E61:Media test failure, check cable PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent: No Boot Device found.




Computer does not boot to Window, boots to PXE-E61 error.

Ask user for service tag number, go to to see details on the machine such as Warranty information and Model Type. (Collect all of this information and insert into ticket)


Ask the user to boot to the BIOS (instructions below)

Most of the system on premise or in the field are Dell, however occasionally you may find a different brand of PC.  Restart the computer and ask the user to hit the “F2” key to enter BIOS, or you can restart the computer hit the“F12” key before it posts.

The first boot device is HDD. If it is another device move the hard drive up so that it is the first device.  If there is no HDD present, the computer will need to be replaced after troubleshooting has been completed.

Toshiba Encore – Hit the NOVO or “F12” to enter the BIOS

Check the Boot sequence

  1. Internal HDD
  2. Diskette
  3. USB Storage
  5. On Board NIC

If the hard drive shows as the first drive in the boot sequence then ask the user to run the internal diagnostics. Hit the “Esc” system will try to restart again, this time hit the “F12” key.  Arrow down to choose Diagnostics.

Run diags thru to hard drive.  Inform agent of diagnostic findings.

If drive is not found escalate ticket to Daymon L2 Support or SAS L2 support.

For SAS clients they support:

Acer Aspire One

Dell Mini

Dell Venue 8 Pro

Asus T100

Asus T200 – Hold the “F2” down.  Do not release “F2” key until BIOS screen displays.  Include all information in ticket:

End User Name (First & Last): this is the customer contact name

End User Phone: this is the customer contact number

End User Location: this is the customer contact location (city and company) Warehouse? Store Location? There are multiple remote sites.

Addition people added to watchlist: this is where any additional CC’s would go to be added to ticket

Issue Description: Fully describe the issue the end user is having

Specific error message: describe what error messages are involved (screen shots should be referenced if possible)

Users affected: how many users is this effecting, get some names of these users

Issue Duration: how long has this been going on, when was the last time it worked

Reproducible: Once the user describes what their issue was can you reproduce it

Troubleshooting steps: This is a very descriptive, step by step of everything Level 1 did. If it’s not here then Level 2 will assume you didn’t do it.

Next Steps: Put what the next steps are…  “Escalating to Level 2 for further investigation, If you have any questions on this ticket, please call 800-573-8861 and reference Ticket # (provide Ticket# to user)

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