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This is an overview of Spreadsheet Server. 



  • Spreadsheet Server 


Application Owner: 

  • Daymon Core Team  


Support Owner: 

  • Application Virtualization Team 
  • Global Software Inc. is the vendor support company for Spreadsheet Server. They can be contacted for additional help (i.e. an issue with the ODBC connection from AS400)  if Application Virtualization Support has already been contacted and the issue is not on their end. 
  • Ben Lis 919-865-5464 or their Main line 18008497500 


  •  This application runs within Excel, it uses and IBM client that pulls data out of JDE that resides on AS400. It allows users to create formulas and forms within excel. 


Client Users: 

  •  Daymon Finance end users about 40 users 


User Method of Access: 

  •  Access via Citrix (most users) or locally (very rare). 


Process for Requesting/Modifying Access: 

  •  Jason Foster from the Finance Department has to approve the license and the Daymon Core Team assigns the license to the user. 
  •  User must be provisioned for JDE first before setting up Spreadsheet server. 

*NOTE: grpXenApp_Spreadsheet security group grants access in Citrix 

Authentication Method: 

*NOTE: SSJDE Password is the same as the SSJDE Username. 

  • There is a two part authentication process. For users that use the application via Citrix, it must authenticate through AD first. The next authentication method is through the Local Finance Access Configurator (this is for all users). There is a separate user ID and Password that must be entered. During initial setup credentials will be the end user's First initial last name for both user ID and Password. 


System Requirements: 

  • The user must have Citrix Receiver to access the application via Citrix. 



Common Issues/Fixes: 

 *NOTE: This application is business critical. 

  • Application Issues - Daymon Core Team 
  • Citrix Issues - escalate to Application Virtualization Team 
    *NOTE: There are two ways a user can be set up, via Citrix or local.  
  • User setup (Citrix) - Click KB00065 for the process 
  • User setup Locally/Legacy - Click KB00064 for the process. 




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