Office Printer Support Process for SDRC



Issue: Office Printer Support Process for SDRC

Description: Process on Office Printer support for SDRC


If the end user works out of the SDRC please follow the steps below to resolve the ticket. 

  • If it is determined by the agent that the issue is a printer malfunction preform the following:
  1. Collect the standard information from the user
  2. Create a ticket with the collected information in Zendesk
  3. Contact MRC : 1- 877- 459-0777 and Inform the phone agent from MRC that you are tech from Daymon Interactions.
  4. Inform them that you need a field tech dispatched to the office to repair the printer.
  5. Provide the dispatch phone agent at MRC with the office address and details collected from the end user
  6. Inform the dispatch phone agent that the end user will be the point of contact when scheduling a field agent
  7. Request that ticket updates from MRC be emailed to you (the agent) for status updates and update the ticket in Zendesk accordingly.
  8. Once the issue has been resolved and confirmed by MRC update the user and close out the ticket.

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