How to handle an Event that runs less than 2 hours with Product Purchased

  1. Click on Auditing
  2. Click on Enter DER
  3. Enter the following information in the Comment field:
  4. OFB information, Vendor name, Total Hours Performed, Total cost of Product Used, Biller’s Initials, Today’s Date. Example: OFB, Tyson, 1.5, $48.99, SAM, 1/31/2014
  5. Click Save
  6. Snip image of the Tablet/Recap Notes (Read Only) and paste it in an email
  7. Snip image of the DER with your comment and paste it in the same email as above
  8. Email Subject = "Whse # date LOST REVENUE”. Example: 440 1/31/2014 LOST REVENUE
  9. Send the email to Modest Markee
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