How do I process the WG (Warehouse Generated) Form appearing on the Billing Summary Page?

1. The image below is an example of when the WG event needs to be processed


2. Clicking on the cart icon will display the attached the WGE form

3. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the form image to zoom into the form


4. Click on Create Event to start creating or scheduling this event

5. Enter Vendor Name = Costco Warehouses

6. Click Add

7. Select Item number and click the right arrow to move the item number to Added Items window. pic_1.png

8. Click Enter twice to save

9. This will take you to the billing screen to enter additional details from the attached form

NOTE:The name and number of hours for the Sales Advisor should already be on their respective windows. Sometimes, the names of the S/A is already given but not the hours because the hours were clocked in as non-event hours from the tablet. Therefore, you need to enter the hours or refer to the DDR page itself.  When this happens, you need to delete the hours of the S/A from the breaker page once you are completely done processing this event.








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