What if a Sales Advisors works multiple Events (or Non-Events) on the same day but forgets to clock in?



Sales Advisor works multiple Events (or Non-Events) on same day


If a Sales Advisor works two different Events, but only Checks In / Out of one Event, there will be a Variance in Hours. After you assign the Sales Advisor to the Events in the Event System, you can manually enter the SA’s times in the Event Recap on the tablet. In the Manager’s Notes section, type: “EM manually entered in the Sales Advisors hours because SA forgot to Check In / Check Out.”

If they worked Non-Event Time, as well as Event Time, here are the steps to fix this:

1. Go to Event Recap on tablet for Event with SA and enter a Check Out time.


2. Tap on the Non Event Time toolbar below the Time Recap, to expand the window.


3. Tap on Total and enter how many Non-Event hours the SA worked and tap Set.


4. Tap on Non-Event Time Tasks to bring up the Drop Down Menu.


5. Tap on the SA’s assigned NET task(s) and tap the black X to return to the Recap.


6. Scroll to the bottom and tap Save.



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