How do I Execute Rescheduled Events when two events are identical?

How to Execute Old Rescheduled Events


Occasionally, you have the same Event running multiple days in a row. If one Event needs to be rescheduled, you will always want to run the oldest Event first before it falls off the tablet.

In this example below, we have an Event “Nearly Naked Popcorn” that is running today (May 29th), but is also in our Reschedule Queue from a previous date (May 27th). You want to Reschedule the Event running today before Rescheduling the older Event back to today’s date to Execute.

Here are the steps to follow below to reschedule the newer of the two Events and run the older Event first.


1. To do this, simply go to Today’s Events and open the Event Recap for the newer Event running today.




2. Once the Event Recap is open, scroll to the bottom and Tap on Reschedule.



3. A popup window will display with a date selection. Choose any date EXCEPT “I Will Choose a Date Later.” You can always choose a different date later once the Event is in the Reschedule Queue.



 4. Once you get the Confirmation Popup that the Event is Rescheduled, Tap on Scheduling > Event Rescheduling. 




5. You will now see the same Event multiple times on the Event Rescheduling Page. Be sure to select the oldest of the Events, then Tap on it.



6. Once you Tap the Event, a popup window will display with a date selection. Tap on Today’s Date and Tap Submit.



 7. A popup window will display, confirming you have Rescheduled the Event back to Today’s Date.




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