Why is my scheduled Event missing from the tablet?

Scheduled Event Missing From Tablet

If an Event is missing from your tablet, you want to make sure that the Event was not originally Scheduled over 10 days ago. Events will fall off the tablet after the 10 day window. If you haven’t already checked the Event Reschedule Queue, please do so to ensure that the Event was not accidentally rescheduled. This document will provide solutions to the typical scenarios that occur when an Event is missing from the tablet. 


Scheduling Team Cancels Event and Event was executed

Occasionally, the scheduling team will cancel an event within days of the scheduled Event date.  An email will be sent out to the Warehouse, notifying them of the canceled Event. If you already purchased items for this Event, you will need to return the product by using Receipt Capture on the tablet before Scheduling cancels and removes the Event.

If Scheduling has already cancelled the Event, and you have not yet returned the product, you will have to enter a New Return using “Item Not Found” in order to document the return. If you ran the cancelled Event, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the paper DDR form.
  2. Take a picture of the DDR form on the Generic Placeholder recap for the Sales Advisor who worked the Event.
  3. Enter Manager’s Notes for billing, so they can manually enter the information.
  4. If you haven’t entered the receipt for the purchased product, enter it using “Item Not Found” in the tablet Receipt Capture.
  5. Add Notes for Product Variance on EDDR, explaining in detail why Item Not Found was used.


If the biller is unable to read a DDR Form, or the Form is missing necessary information, the biller will create an issue on the Event System and the Warehouse will be placed on the Issues List.

The sample DDR Form below displays in yellow the required fields from the warehouse.





If Scheduling has cancelled the Event before the Product was returned, you will need to return all products using “Item Not Found” on the tablet Receipt Capture in order to document the return items.



Using “Item Not Found” on the tablet Receipt Capture will cause a Negative Product Variance on the bottom of your EDDR. Add notes on Product Variance on the bottom of the EDDR, explaining in detail why “Item Not Found” was used.



If the Generic Placeholder is missing after an Event has been cancelled, have the SA check in and out of the tablet again. The hours may be manually entered into the recap if the SA is no longer at the warehouse. Enter Manager’s Notes, indicating the EM manually entered the SA’s hours.


Rescheduling an Event in the past

If an executed Event from the past shows up in the Reschedule queue on the tablet, and you need to move it back to the original date, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Scheduling.
  2. Choose Event Rescheduling.
  3. Select the Rescheduled Event.
  4. Choose the date that the Event executed.
  5. Tap Submit.





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