I Bulk Approved, why does it still show as "In Progress" on the EDDR?

Bulk Approved but shows as In Progress status on EDDR


When searching on the Electronic DDR page, you might see an Event Date show as In Progress status even after it has been Bulk Approved. This document will explain the possible reasons why it still shows as In Progress.


Unassigned Employees never processed


Before Bulk Approving, make sure you are processing all your Unassigned Employees by navigating to the Unassigned Employee section of the EDDR and clicking the blue Unassigned next to the Employee’s name.  This will bring up a window where you can assign them to the Event they worked, Non-Event Time, Warehouse Generated Event or Delete. If the Unassigned Employees are not processed, it will still show as In Progress on the EDDR. 



Invoiced Event is Missing Information


Before Bulk Approving, make sure all information has been added to all Event Recaps.  If this is a Warehouse Generated Event, the Biller will enter this information for you when they process the WGE form. If information is missing from this form, it will create a Validation Warning on the EDDR, and it will still show as In Progress on the EDDR. 




Event is Showing as In Progress with Validation Warnings


If all Events but one show as Billed / Invoiced, but one Event shows as In Progress with Validation Warnings, this could be due to accidentally rescheduling an Event back to a date that has already been Bulk Approved. If the Event was executed that day, enter all the missing information and you will be able to Bulk Approve again. If the Event was NOT executed that day, then Reschedule the Event to another date on the tablet.



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