How to Take Clear Images on the Tablet?

Occasionally, the warehouse will take a picture that is blurry or unreadable by the Billers. This will cause the warehouse to be placed on the Issues List and a new image will have to be produced in order to resolve the issue. This document will explain how to capture better and clearer pictures with the tablet.


Log in to the Application

1. Log in to Field Link.



Enter a Receipt

2. Tap on Receipt Capture.

3. Tap on Add New Receipt 



4. Enter the Receipt Date and Number.

5. Tap on New Receipt.

6. Tap on the Camera icon to bring up the camera application.



Adjust Camera Settings

7. Tap on the Camera Settings Cogwheel in the top left hand corner.

8. Scroll down and tap on White Balance. (Defaults to Auto setting)



 9. Tap on Daylight.

10. Tap on the Camera Settings Cogwheel again to return to your picture.

11. Tap on the Camera Capture icon on the bottom of the tablet to take your picture.







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