How do you Attach Documents to Issues?

How to Attach Documents to Issues 


Occasionally, Billing will go to the EDDR under the Issues Section and create a new Billing Issue for the Warehouse by clicking on New Issue. This could be due to missing information, or unreadable / illegible forms or receipts that are neccessary  to invoice that date.  In the example below, you can see an Issue created by billing for DDR / DER Product Out of Balance.




To attach a document to a created Issue on the EDDR, follow these steps:


1. On the Event System, click on Electronic DDR under the Operations tab.



 2. Enter the Store Number, Date Range, and click Find.



 3. Click on the Date.



4. At the bottom of the EDDR under the Issues Section, click on the Issue Type in blue.



5. On the Issue Page, click the Select button.



 6. Select the document on your computer and click Open. 



 7. Enter Notes for Billing, indicating what document you have uploaded to Issues to resolve the issue.  Then click Save.



Once Billing has received the information, the event is audited and invoiced. 

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