How to Swipe on the Tablet

How to Swipe on the Tablet


 1. In Field Link, navigate to Today’s Events, Event Recap Approval or Event Rescheduling pages.



 2. Open a Recap.



 3. Swipe horizontal to navigate to Recaps. Swipe Left to move to the following Recap or Swipe Right to move to the previous Recap.



4. If you have unsaved changes when Swiping, you will see a popup displaying three different options. Save Changes will save and move to the next Recap. Discard changes will cancel unsaved changes and move to the next Recap. Stay on this Page will keep you on the Recap, without Saving or moving to the next Recap.



Below are a few tips you should follow when swiping.


Swiping Tips


  1. Try to swipe as close to a straight horizontal line as you can.  There is a certain amount of tolerance built in, but if your swipe has too much of an up or down angle, the Tablet will interpret it as an up and down scroll instead of a left or right swipe.
  2. Make sure that you use a firm touch.  You don’t have to mash the screen, but you need to good contact between your finger tip and the screen.  If you swipe too lightly (for example, just trying to use the edge of a fingernail), the Tablet may not recognize that you are trying to swipe.  The ruggedized case on the Tablets also includes a protective plastic sheet to protect the screen, so it may be a little less sensitive.
  3. Don’t hold your swipe for over 1 second.  That may sound like a short period of time, but it is really not.  If you hold your swipe too long, the Tablet does not interpret it as a swipe. 
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