How to Enter Base & Sales for Substitute Item?

How to enter Base & Sales for a Substitute Item?


Whenever an item runs out during an Event, there may be a need to purchase a Substitute Item due to out of stock product. This can be confusing when entering the Base and Sales the following day on the Event Recap due to having two different items. This document will cover the scenarios and how to properly record the Base and Sales.


The Substitute Item is the Same Price as the Original Item


If the substitute item is the same Unit Cost as the Original Item, combine both of the Bases and enter this into the Base field on the Event Recap. Repeat this step for the Sales as well.

In the example below, the Original Item and Substitute Item have a Base of 5 each, so the Base entered would be 10. The Sales for the original Item were 5 and Substitute Item were 15, so the Sales entered would be 20.



 The Substitute Item is a Different Price than the Original Item


If the substitute item is a different Unit Cost than the original scheduled Item, enter the Substitute Item’s Base and Sales in the Manager’s Notes at the bottom of the Event Recap.

In the Example below, the Substitute Item’s Unit Cost was greater than the cost of the Original Item, so the Units, Cost, Base & Sales were entered in the Manager’s Note at the bottom of the Event Recap.





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