How do you enter a Coupon on a Return Receipt?

How do you enter a Coupon on a Return Receipt?


If you need to enter a coupon on a Return Receipt, here are the steps to complete this procedure:


1. In the Field Link Receipt Capture, enter the Receipt Date, Receipt Number and Tap New Return.



2. Enter the Receipt Total (without Tax) and Total Tax.



3. Choose your Event Date.



4. Choose your Product.



5. Enter Units, Cost, Tax (If Applicable) and Tap Add Item.



6. Then choose the same Product again.



7. Select Coupon, then enter Units, Cost, Tax (If Applicable). The Item Number and Description will be generated automatically for coupons. Tap Add Item.

 Note:  The Unit count for Coupons could be different than the Unit count for the Product.



8. Take your receipt image by Tapping on the Camera Icon and Tap Submit to complete the procedure.



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