How do you enter a Receipt which has Event Items & Supplies?

Entering a Receipt which has Event Items and Supplies on the DER


It is highly recommended that Supplies be charged on separate receipts from Event Items.  However, in the instance when the two are combined on one purchase the receipt must be entered into the Tablet and onto the DER in the Event System.  Use the following procedures:


1. In the Event System EDDR, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Blue highlighted value to load the DER page.



2. If this is the first receipt of the day it can be entered on the first receipt line of the DER.  If not the first receipt entered for the day, click on “ADD RECEIPT”.



 3. On the first available line enter the “Receipt Date”, the dollar amount for the Event Items in the column for “Event Samples”.  Sales taxes  which apply to the Event Samples (if applicable) should be entered into the column for “Tax Event Samples”.  Enter the dollar amount for the supplies in the “Supplies” column and the sales tax (if applicable) in the column for “Tax Equipment & Supply”.



4. Next click on “Add Payment Details”



 5. On the pop-up enter the Event Manager’s information (NOTE:  For purposes of auditing the American Express charges for the warehouse ONLY the Event Manager’s information should be used on this entry).  Then enter the receipt total (including taxes) and click on “Okay”.



 6. Save the DER by clicking on the “Save” button in the lower right corner of the screen and click on “Okay” in the pop-up boxes that follow.




Entering a Receipt which has Event Items and Supplies on the Tablet


You must also enter the receipt into Field Link on the Tablet to complete the procedure.  To enter a receipt on the tablet, please follow these steps:

 1. Sign onto the Tablet normally. 



 2. Then tap on “Receipt Capture”



 3. Tap on “Add New Receipt”.



4. Adjust the “Receipt Date”, if necessary, and enter the “Receipt Number”. 



5. Tap on “New Receipt”

NOTE:  The receipt date is listed in the lower portion of the receipt and the receipt number is the number following “App#:” also in the lower portion of the receipt.


 6. Enter the “Receipt Total Without Tax” and the “Total Tax” from the receipt.



 7. Select the “Event Date” from the drop down menu. 

Note:  This date should be the same as the DER date.



 8. Tap on the “Tap To Select Item” button and select the Event Items from the drop down menu and enter them as you normally would.  For the Supply Item select “Supplies” from the drop down menu. 



 9. Enter the “Units” and “Cost” and “Tax Type” as you normally do for all items.   An additional line has been added for you to enter the item number and item description, the same as when entering an enhancement.  Tap on “Add Item”.



 10. After all items have been entered and the receipt totals are balanced, take a picture of the receipt and save it.  Then submit the receipt as you would normally.




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