How do you properly account for the purchase of POP signs on an Event.

For some Events, like some Roadshows, you may be asked to purchase special POP signs to display as part of the Roadshow.  If you purchase POP signs for an Event, you will need to account for that purchase in Receipt Capture.  POP signs are entered as Enhancements for the Product the Pop Sign is purchased for.  When entering the POP signs in Receipt Capture, it is important to enter only the amount that you paid for the signs.  You may see in the DPIS that the Vendor will charged a different rate for the POP signs, but the Billing Team will take care adjusting the amounts when they are auditing the Events.

Below is a screenshot that shows a Product (Crunch Master Rice Crackers Club Pak) along with a POP Sign entered as an Enhancement as follows:

  1. The first Line Item is for the Product (Crunch Master Rice Crackers Club Pak). 

  2. The second Line Item is for the POP Sign Enhancement.  You'll notice that the Item Number for the POP Sign is 582053.  You can use the Product Item Number if there is no Item Number listed for the POP Sign.


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