How do you perform a DTE and properly fill out the Recap?

From time to time you may need to execute an Event prior to the scheduled Event Date (DTE).  When you perform a DTE, it presents some challenges in the Mobile App and the EDDR since the Event is not in the Tablets or your EDDR.  However, you still need to be able to account for Hours worked on the Event and the Product purchased for the Event (if any) so that the Vendor can be invoiced correctly.  To execute and Recap a DTE correctly, please follow the steps below:

Mobile Recap

  1.  Have the SA Check In and Check Out of a Generic Placeholder
  2. Fill out the Paper Reschedule Form completely with the Event Information for the DTE.  Make sure to enter the Reschedule Code as "DTE" and include ALL of the Item Numbers and Item Descriptions and Units and Cost Information.  It is important to include this information as the Billing Team will use the data from the form in order to find and reschedule the proper event and Invoice the Vendor correctly.
  3. Take a picture of the Paper Reschedule form and attach it to the Recap as a Receipt Image.  If you do not attach a picture of the Paper Reschedule form or do not fill out the form completely, you will end up on the Issue List.
  4. Make sure to enter information in the Manager's Notes that the Event is a DTE and what Date it got moved from.  This will help the Billing Team along with the information in the Paper Reschedule form.


Entering Product Purchases in the Tablet

If you purchase product for your DET, you will need to enter the purchases in Receipt Capture.  This presents an issue since the Event is not scheduled for the day you are executing it, the Items will not appear in the Receipt Capture Item drop down.  In order to get your Receipt to balance out so that you can submit it, you will need to enter your DTE purchases as "Item Not Found."  To enter your DTE purchases, please follow these steps:

  1. In Receipt Capture, select the Event Date as the date you are executing the DTE
  2. In the Item Drop Down, select "Item Not Found"
  3. Enter the Units, Cost, and Tax (if applicable).
  4. Tap on Add Item to add your DTE purchase and enter the next Line Item on your Receipt.  If you have Enhancements, Coupons, or Alternate Items for your DTE, select "Item Not Found" as the product and fill out the rest of the data as normal.  Remember, entering the information in Receipt Capture is ONLY to make sure your Receipt balances.  The Billing Team is still going to have to use the Paper Reschedule form to transcribe the purchase information for your DTE to the Event.


Updating the EDDR so you can Bulk Approve

Since you had add your DTE Purchases as "Item Not Found," the Total Product in your Recaps will NOT match the Total Product in your DER.  Any purchases you made will be in your DER Totals, but will not be in your Recap Totals.  In order to Bulk Approve, you will need to add a Note in the EDDR for the Product Variance explaining that the difference is caused by the DTE you performed.  Once you add and save the Note, you should be able to Bulk Approve.


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