How do you enter CRV or other Bottle or Container Fees?

CRV or Container Fees are entered like Enhancements.  The Item Number is used to determine which Product or Enhancement the Fee applies to and the Item Description should just be entered as "CRV" or whatever Container Fee you are applying.  To enter CRV, follow these simple steps in Receipt Capture:

  1. Select the Item from the drop down list that your CRV goes with.  This is important so that the correct Vendor is invoiced for the CRV.
  2. Tap the Enhancement Check Box
  3. Enter the Units and Cost.  Container Fees are often less than a dollar.  When entering an amount less than a dollar, you need to enter a leading zero first.  In the example below, the Cost is entered as "0.85" NOT ".85"  If you do not enter the leading zero, the Cost will be changed to "0.00"  The system will calculate the Total Amount for you
  4. Select the Tax Rate, if applicable.  Please note that CRV is a FEE, not a Tax.  In some scenarios, your Fee will also be Taxed.
  5. If you are adding the CRV to the Product, enter the Product Item Number.  If you are entering the CRV for an Enhancement, enter the Enhancement Item Number.
  6. For the Item Description enter “CRV” or whatever Container Fee you are applying.
  7. Tap Add Item to add the CRV to the Running Total.

In the example below, Evolution Fresh Organic Apple Juice 64oz is the Product.  In the Line Item entry area highlighted within the red box, is how you would enter the CRV for the Evolution Fresh Organic Apple Juice 64oz.


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