How do you properly Schedule an Event Manager for and Event and fill out the Recap?

From time to time an Event Manager may work an Event like a short Maintenance or Merchandising Event either out of convenience or to keep labor charges down.  While Event Managers cannot Check In and Check Out of Events, it is possible to assign them to Events in the Event System and fill out a Recap so the Vendor can be Invoiced correctly.  To Schedule an Event Manager and properly fill out the Recap, follow these steps:

Scheduling the Event Manager in the Event System

  1. The day before the Event, assign the Event Manager to the Event in the Event System. 
  2. The Event Manager will be listed in the employee roster found in Staffing->Schedule Employees.
  3. It is critical to assign the EM in the Event System.  Since Event Managers cannot Check In or Check Out, you cannot use SA Scheduling to assign them to the Event.

Filling Out the Recap after the Event has been completed

  1. Open the Recap for the Event.  If you do not see the Event Recap, check the Reschedule queue as it may have moved there if no data was entered in to the Recap on the day of the Event. 
  2. Manually enter the Event Manager's Check In and Check Out Times directly in the Recap.
  3. In the Manager’s Notes section type:  “Bill vendor for total hours, EM performed - do not pay”




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