How do you enter a Coupon for a Warehouse Generated Event?

The process for entering a Coupon on a Warehouse Generated Event is actually quite simple.  Just like everything else in Receipt Capture, you enter each Line Item on the Receipt as a Line Item in the Tablet.  Therefore the Warehouse Generated Event Item and the Coupon on the Warehouse Generated Event Item would be 2 separate Line Items.  When you select "Coupon" when entering a Line Item, it automatically enters the Item Number for the Product you selected.  For Warehouse Generated Events, it will actually put the text "Warehouse Event" in the Item Number.  To apply the Coupon to the Warehouse Generated Event Item, you will need to change the Item Number to match the Warehouse Generated Event Item Number.  This can be done with the following steps in Receipt Capture: 

  1. Select "Warehouse Event" from the Item from the drop down list.
  2. Tap the Coupon Check Box
  3. Enter the Units and Cost.  Do not worry about entering negative values for the Coupon.  By selecting Coupon as the Line Item, the system knows how to handle the Units and Cost properly.  The system will calculate the Total Amount for you
  4. Select the Tax Rate, if applicable.
  5. "Warehouse Event"  will be displayed in the Item Number.  Change this to the Item Number of the Warehouse Generated Event Item that you are applying the Coupon to.
  6. For the Item Description, “Coupon" will already be added.  No change is necessary.
  7. Tap Add Item to add the CRV to the Running Total.

In the example below, Item Number 555555 | Chicken Burrito has been entered as the Warehouse Generated Event Item.  The first screen shot below shows "Warehouse Event" entered as the Item Number.  This is incorrect.  The second screen shot shows the Item Number correctly updated to the Warehouse Generated Event Item Number, 555555.


Example of Coupon entered Incorrectly


Example of Coupon entered Correctly

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