Electronic DDR - FAQs v2.0

What is on the Summary/Search Results Page?

The summary page shows a quick glance of each day for the warehouse. Any variances in the Product/Enhancements
purchased will be shown in red. The statuses displayed are (in order) Scheduled, In Progress, Billed, and Invoiced. The status
shown is the lowest status of any event on that day. For example, if you have 20 events and 19 are Billed and 1 is Scheduled,
the status displayed is Scheduled.  There is also a count of open Billing Issues that need to be resolved. If there are open
Billing Issues, the row will be highlighted in red.

What changes do I need to make in how I fill out my Recaps each day?

You will only need to make minor adjustments in how you fill out your Recaps.  The most important change is that you should
no longer APPROVE your Recaps. The new Electronic DDR is now the last step in recapping your events. The page is designed
to quickly show you things that need to be changed in your Recaps. If you submit your Recaps, they will disappear before you
can make the updates you need to make based off the information in the Electronic DDR. Once you approve an event on the
Electronic DDR, the Recap will disappear from your tablets. After completing each Recap, please make sure to SAVE your

On the Electronic DDR, what are Unassigned Events? What do I do with them?

Unassigned Events are the Generic Placeholders that you have on your Tablet. These may be for Breakers, Sales Leads,
Warehouse Generated Events, or someone who accidentally checked in twice, etc. You will need to further clarify what each
Unassigned Event is. To do this, click on the Unassigned link for the Event. This will open a popup where you can assign the
hours to an existing event, assign it as Non-Event time (for Breakers or Sales Leads), assign it as a Warehouse Generated
Event, or delete it.

How do Warehouse Generated events work with the new Process?

Since the Event is not scheduled in the Event System, have the SA check in/check out of a Generic Placeholder.  Fill out the
paper form as you usually do and attach it to the Recap as a Receipt Picture. In the Recap, use the Non Event Time Task drop
down to assign the SA’s time as “Warehouse Event.” This will automatically change all of the time from Non Event Time to
Event Time. Make sure to SAVE your changes. If you purchase any product for the Warehouse Generated Event, when
entering the Receipt, make sure to select “Warehouse Event” in the Receipt Item drop down and enter in the Units, Cost,
Item#, and Description. These two steps will insure that we can account for your Events, Hours, andProduct correctly before
the events are approved and sent to the Billing Team. The Billing Team will then follow their normal process to create the
Event in the Event System and enter the information from the paper form you have attached. 


How do Brand Ambassador events work with the new Process?

Since the event is scheduled in the Event System, please fill out all of the fields related to the Product (enter receipt
information, base, sales, etc.).  Fill out the paper form as you usually do and attach it to the Recap as a Receipt Picture. Since
no SA is assigned to the Brand Ambassador Event, there will be a field at the top of the Recap where you can enter the Event
Time for the Brand Ambassador. There are no Check In/Check Out or Break In/Break fields, only a field to enter the total
Event Hours worked by the Brand Ambassador. This will insure that we can account for the BA Hours in the Electronic DDR
and that your Total Hours will balance before your events are submitted to the Billing Team.  IMPORTANT:  If you do not have
any product to purchase for the event, make sure to enter the Brand Ambassador Hours on the day of the event or it will be
moved to the Reschedule queue since there would be no Recap created for the Event. You can access the Recap through
Today’s Events by tapping on the Recap Icon on the far left of the Event row. If your BA Event moves to the Reschedule
queue, you can now Reschedule the Event to the Original Event Date and update the Recap after the Event has moved to the
Event Recap Approval page.

In the Events section, what do all the colors/highlighted rows mean?

Any row that is highlighted in Red has a Validation Error that will prevent your Events from being Bulk Approved. You can
point your mouse at the row to open a hover window to see what errors are associated with the event.You will need to fix
the error on the tablet before your Events can be Bulk Approved. Any row that is highlighted in orange has a Validation
Warning. Validation Warnings do not prevent your Events from being Bulk Approved, but you should make sure that you
review all of the Warnings and fix any issues as required.
In the Events section, why do I see 2 different totals for Products/Enhancements in red? What should I do?
This means that there is mismatch between the data entered from the Receipts and the data entered inthe Recaps. If you see
this in the Events section, you will need to review your Receipts to double check the numbers and make sure that the Units,
Cost, etc. entered in the Recap are correct. You can see the Receipts you have entered and all of their associated Line Items in
the Receipt section of the page.

Why do some of my Event Statuses and Employee Hours show in Red?

Event Statuses that show in Red are events that have been rescheduled. You can point your mouse at the status to see the
original event date.  Employee Hours that show in Red are Event Hours that are less than 6 hours or more than 6.5 hours with
no explanation entered in the Recap. If an explanation has been entered, when you hover on the Event Hours you will see the
Manager’s Notes entered for the Event.

How do the Electronic DDR and the DER work together?

This is the most CRITICAL part of the new Electronic DDR. The Variance section of the page shows your Total Events, Hours,
and Products entered in your Recaps compared to your Total Events, Hours, and Products entered in the DER with the
Variance between the numbers listed below. Before you Bulk Approve your Events, it is ESSENTIAL that there are no
Variances between the E-DDR and the DER before you Bulk Approve. This is why we have special processes for Warehouse
Generated and Brand Ambassador Events so that we ensure that these 2 totals match in order to reduce the number of Billing
Issues. You have probably been entering your Receipts in the DER as you have been making your purchases. Once you have
fixed any Validation errors, look over the Employee Hours and Evens sections to make sure everything looks correct. In the
Variance section, record the number of Events and Hours from the Recap row. Enter these numbers as the Reported Events
and Regular Hours in the DER. As long as you have accounted for everything, this will insure that your DER totals will not be
off. If there is a Variance in your Product, you will need to resolve the issue prior to Bulk Approving your Events. Make sure
the receipt amounts you entered in the DER match what is in your E-DDR, check that Supplies have been accounted for
correctly, use the Receipt section to see all of the receipts you have entered line item by line item, etc. until you find and fix
the variance.

I have reviewed all my Events and there are no more Issues and I balance against the DER. Now what do I?

Once you have corrected all of the errors and reconciled all of the events for the day, the Bulk Approve button should appear
above the Event Section on the right hand side. It is important to note that if there are ANY errors remaining, the Bulk
Approve button will not be displayed. When you click on the Bulk Approve button, a popup will open with any remaining
Validation Warnings. Please make sure you review the warnings and are not approving any events that have issues. This is
your last chance to fix problems without ending up on the issues list and we will keep track of whatevents have been
approved with Validation Warnings. Once you approve, the status of the events will be changed to Billed and the Billing Team
will now process them for invoicing.

I have updated all of my Events, but the Bulk Approve button is not being shown? What’s wrong?

Check to make sure that the Door Count and Weather information has been entered at the top of the page. You cannot
approve events if either the Door Count or Weather is missing.  If it has not, please update and Save.   Make sure that there
are no Variances between your Total Events, Hours, and Products and the DER. You cannot Bulk Approve if there are
Variances with the DER.

Seriously? I used your fancy new page and I still ended up with an Issue. How do I resolve it?

All Issues associated with a specific event day will be displayed at the bottom of the Electronic DDR. You can view and
respond to issues there. All of the information on the Electronic DDR should make it much easier to resolve issues and no
longer require you to track issues on a paper DDR. You will have all of the Employee/Hours info, all of the Receipt Info, and all
of the Recap info on one page to use to resolve issues. 

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