Install HP Laserjet Pro 400 MFP 425, 426 fdw Printers



Issue: Install HP Laserjet Pro 400 MFP 425, 426 fdw Printers

Description: Instruction on how to install HP Laser Jet Pro


1. Take the remote access of the End user's Computer/Desktop or Laptop.

2. Upgrade GOTO Assist Customer.

3. Log off from local user account and check if the Administrator Account is enabled.

4. If the Administrator account is not enabled, Enable the account by logging in as a Supervisor.

5. Click on Start>Right Click on Computer>Manage>Local User and Groups>User> Administrator.


6. After that right click on Administrator Account > Properties> Un check the Box account is disabled.

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7. Again Right click on Administrator and Select the option Set Password and set the password to cc#7878%DrC

8.  Now Log off as Supervisor and Login as Administrator. Make sure to uninstall the previous printers  and drivers before installing the new printer.

9. Ask the user to insert the CD if he has received one for the Windows.

10.  If the user confirms that he/she hasn't received the CD for the Printer download the Drivers from the official website page make sure to check the operating version before downloading the drivers:

11.  Select HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425  Printer Series Full Software Solution which would be around 110 MB of size.

12.  After the Download is complete run the Executable file. (.exe) 

13. Ask the user to power on the Printer, for the first time, End user has to check the printer screen on that he/she has to select  

      Default settings>Self Manage>USB>Manage through USB.


13.  Plug in the printer when it shows on the screen to connect the device.

14.  Once the Process is done test page will be printed.

15.  Now log off from Administrator Account and Login as Local User.

16.  Set the Printer as Default.  from Start>Devices and Printer> Right click on  HP Laserjet pro 400 MFP 425> Set as Default.

17.  Guide the user to print test pages and also guide with scan settings.

For Network Printer : 

18. Before installing the Network Printer make sure what is the Make of the Router that the User is using if it is IBR 600 then he/she needs a LAN Switch. Since the IBR 600 Router has only one LAN switch.

19. The one with 3 Computer is a LAN Switch and the other one is a WAN Switch.

20. So to install the Printer in Network the user requires a LAN Port which is not present in IBR 600 router.

21. Hence for such issues we need to make sure that User has LAN Switch before the Printer is Installed.

22. If the User already has the switch then go ahead with the Installation if he/she does not have a switch then Escalate the issue to Level 2 Daymon team (Gabe/Mike) to order the Switch for the Warehouse once the Switch is received go ahead with the installation.


You can find some information about the LAN Switch by following the website : 


Also you can find the Network connections for the Printer by following the KB link:

 Please Tap on below link for Screenshots there you will find the connections.

23. If everything is fine and you are still not able to install the Printer take the Serail # for the Printer and escalate the issue to MRC team keeping Mike, Gabe, Pranay and Nigal in cc.

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