How to change time on the tablet (date and time)

This article will help you on steps for changing Date & Time on Tablet.

  • On the home screen, Tap on “Settings.” If it’s not located on your home screen, Tap on Apps (checkered box in the top right hand corner). Scroll through your Applications by swiping the screen left or right until you find the “Settings” Icon.  Then Tap on “Settings.”
  • In Settings, scroll-down the left hand side until you find the “Date and Time” option under the System heading.  You can scroll up and down the left hand side of Settings by dragging it up and down (Date and time is toward the bottom).  Tap on “Date and Time.”
  • When you Tap on “Date and Time”, you will see Date and Time options on the right side of the page.  Tap on “Set time”.
  • When you Tap on “Set Time”, a Time Picker will open.  Use the up and down arrows underneath the Hours and Minutes to change the time up or down.  Once you have updated the time to the correct time, Tap on “Set” to save your changes .

Attached is the screen shot which would help you with the detailed steps.

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