Re-Imaging Hardware Requests - Reference





This article contains the process for ordering a re-image for new/replacement and existing hardware. 



For New Hardware/Replacement   

  • If the end user has not put in a new hardware request they need to do so  to "Ordering Hardware – Process Procurify" 
  • If the hardware has already been ordered and a ticket generated the Cognizant Team will need to place the order along with SAIT services(remember to verify location in Workday or Outlook)  KB00080 link to "Ordering New Hardware-Process Procurify" 

For Existing hardware 

A Core team member will need to complete the order portion of the process 

  1. Create a ticket titled “Hardware Request - PO#” and put in the details of the end user’s request and why a re-image is needed along with the service tag of the PC
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