Installing Microsoft Office 2016





 This article contains the process for installing Office 2016.  This software application must be requested via "request software" at  To install this must be approved and license is required.  Administrator login and password is required to complete this installation. 



  1. Begin by Navigating to 

  2.Sign in with normal daymon credentials (IE: It will then direct you to the following page


3. Login with Username / Password, you will then see the following image in the upper right. 

4. Once you click on the above section. You will see the following page where will see the boxed section at the bottom

5. If you go to downloads you will see the following file, the name may be slightly different.

6. To run the application, click install. Enter administrator username and password

7. This will be the installation process for Office 365. 

8.Open any Microsoft Office application you will be prompted to enter the license key





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