Volt – Not Able to Login Wal-Mart/Advantage



Impact – High


Cannot login to Volt:

Check to see if onboarding process in Workday has been completed. 

. The end users should follow those instructions if they received that email. If they didn’t, then I would suggest forwarding the email below to the end user and assisting them from there.


  • If they need their AD/email/SAS domain credentials sent to them then reset the AD password and send them their username, password, email address to their external email address they provide.
  • If they need Volt assistance then they need to ask if they received the below email.
    • If they did have them follow the instructions
    • If they didn’t then forward the below email to them and assist
  • If they are having issue with Workday the helpdesk should be able to reset their workday password and assist, those should not have to go to HR

Volt Password – New users will have to set their Volt password via the link contained in their “Welcome to Volt” email.

They can reset the password via the Volt “Forgot Password” link  at the web portal.

Here is a copy of the email that was sent to all associates:

To start, you will be assigned SAS Retail Services-specific email address. You will receive an email from SAS with your login credentials within the next 48 hours. Your local manager will also have your credentials and will follow up to make sure you have and are able to login. You will use your SAS email address with all your work related to Walmart. Please use these email set up instructions to set up your email and be sure to check and use your SAS Retail Services email often.  


Additionally, Walmart requires that all PSPs and their associates be VOLT-certified. The certification enables Walmart to track who is entering and working in their stores at any given time. Only VOLT-Certified individuals will be able to complete work inside Walmart stores. This training is important and time sensitive. 


The certification process is simple and straightforward. You can also review this guide which will explain when and how you can become VOLT certified. You will receive an email directly from the VOLT system, the email and directions will go to your SAS Retail Services email (check clutter and junk mail folders if you do not see it) if you still do not see the email, contact your manager. To ensure you are certified in time for our program launch, you are to complete the certification process within 48 hours of receiving your SAS email address. If you have issues completing the certification process within this time frame, contact your manager.


We appreciate your attention to this training and certification and are excited to have you be part of this program. We look forward to launching our services at Walmart with your help!  Please contact us at if you have any questions with your certification. 

If the user needs help, in setting up email please provide assistance.

CC Paul Pamatmat on all Volt/Wal-Mart/Advantage issues.

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