SAS Store Tracker Tablet not enough disk space/memory KB 




If the user gets an “Insufficient disk space/There is not enough room on the disk to complete this operation” error on Store Tracker/Windows Table: 

  1. Press the Start/Windows button and run Disk Cleanup.  Ensure all boxes on the left are checked, then press Clean up system files.  If it recalculates, recheck all the boxes on the left then press OK and Delete Files. 
  2. Navigate to the tablet pictures folder (This PC>Pictures or Camera Roll shortcut on Desktop) and ask user if any saved photographs are still needed.  Delete any photos that are no longer needed then clear the Recycle Bin afterwards. 
  3. You can also defragment the drive by running Defrag from Start/Windows button and optimizing the drive.  If the error persists, escalate to Level 2. 




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