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Lead merchandiser will have access to more parts of the Field App Portal and must be understand the basic Field App home screen along with additional areas they will have access to.  Login and password will be their personal email address and last 4 of their SSN, unless they have a @Daymon or address. 


Given employee doesn’t exist – Check workforce ID 

Problem loading template –  

New one may have been created or updated. Sometimes templates have hidden characters.  Copy and paste into a new document.  Usually resolves the issue. If this does not resolve the issue, escalate to the App team. 

Window not auto populating?   

  • Check and verify dates 

Team scheduling imported partially.   

Error download the error log review, if no resolution escalate to Level 2 and attach screenshots and error log. 

Reports can experience issues on Friday/Monday when users are trying to upload or close out week, typically slowness or freezing. 

If escalating ticket to Level 2 SAS information required in ticket- 

  • Name, title merchandiser# 
  • Screenshots 
  • Project 
  • Cycle 
  • Date 
  • Store number 


*Time & expense most common. 

Network connectivity issues, application can be ran in “offline” mode.  User needs to be connected to wireless connection when signing in, additional entries can be added in “offline” mode.  When submitting user must be connected to the wifi. If user can’t connect or complain of slow speed or loss of signal Ask user:  

  1. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Ask another user to try logging in.  If another user can login have user contact their supervisor, if everyone is experiencing this issue continue with troubleshooting steps –
  2. Check online/offline status in the navigation bar.          Blue icon=connected Grey icon=offline mode 
  3. What router are they using? 
  4. Ask if this is a new warehouse.  
  5. Check ports, reseat if possible. 
  6. Check power, power cycle. 


If any of the above mentioned does not resolve the issue escalate ticket to Level 2, SAS Technical Support. 

 The Lead Merchandiser views will have access to  

  1. View Schedule and Start Projects 
  1. Record Team Member Start Hours and No Shows 
  1. Services:  Complete Survey 
  1. Services:  Complete New Item Cut In (NICI)  
  1. Services: Complete Distribution Void (DVOID) 
  1. Services: Complete Category Reset 
  1. Time Away from Shift 
  1. Complete Store Visit Summary 
  1. Complete Shift 
  1. Add expenses
  2. Employee Workforce History
  3. Instructions and Training – Uploading documents creates a live link to view doc.

To review detailed items listed above, refer to the “Lead Merchandiser Full Guide”.  Instruct user to reference the SAS website.   

This manual is also found in the Knowledge Base of Zendesk. 





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