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Hyperion Planning application used by business leaders in Daymon. This is used to enter budgets. Used by Directors and Up. 


Client Users:   

This application is used by all sites for Daymon. It is used by high level Executives, Directors and above. 


User Method of Access: 




Process for Requesting/Modifying Access:   

Click KB00092 for provisioning process.  See KB Granting Users Access to Hyperion 


Authentication Method:   


Active Directory 


System Requirements:   

Daymon Worldwide IT standard is Win 7 with IE 9.  The application works best at that level.  The app "works" but is not supported on all versions of IE from 7 – 10.  IE 9 is the only truly supported and proper version to  

use.  Only when users cannot make it work with ANY version of IE we should install Firefox as a last ditch effort. Click KB00095 for further browser information. 

Weekly automated Hyperion reboot schedule: 

Stop services: Saturday 8:05PM EST 

Reboot servers: Saturday 8:10PM EST 

Start services: Saturday 9:00PM EST 



Application Owner:   

Erinn McGarrity 

Work: 203-352-7713 




Support Owner:   


Jenniffer Sjukur 



Erinn McGarrity 

Work: 203-352-7713 





Common Issues/Fixes: 


  • Server Not Found Error - Unless the user is on the Daymon network, they will have to use VPN first. 
  • Juniper keeps looping and won't install driver - Click HERE 
  • XUL Manager Error - Click KB00094
  • Specific browsers used for Hyperion Planning - Click KB00090 
  • Compatibility or security error - Click HERE 
  • Granting access for Hyperion Planning or HFM - Click KB00091 
  • User cannot log onto the application - Click KB00094 
  • Smartview installation or issues with installation - Click KB00093 
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