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This article contains the process for adding a new hire / creating a new user account. 




  • Account creations are only able to be done by Daymon Core Team Provisioner.  
  • It is very important that before processing any new user requests from Interactions (especially for SAS Users) that you check to make sure that an account does not already exist for the end user. 
  • SAS RETAIL - These new hire tickets will be sent to the help desk daily. In the ticket will be a .csv file with the following details. Users Name, Display Name Employee ID and Company. These users will be only provisioned with a K1 License and an AD Object. Follow normal procedures below in other regards. 
  • All Full employee new hire requests for the Stamford office must come through the kissflow system KB00100  Hardware and Software Requests For A New User - Kissflow – Requesting new user setup)and have an Employee ID number verifiable in workday Or Oracle number. For Consultants, an NDA and an Exhibit must be signed by both employee and manager. The Exhibit A details the access requested for the consultant. *NOTE: Daymon has a master NDA with Cognizant, GSD, SAS, Starlit Global, and Secure-24 consultants. For these cases only the Exhibit A will be required. 
  • New employee request from CDS or Interactions can be submitted several ways, via
  •  Or via
  • Click Here for NDA Form 
  • Click Here for Exhibit A Form 

For CDS Canada New Hires:

  • When a request is received from AccessHR or Daymon HRIS for new hire, we need to send email and below New Hire Form to Erendira Perez and NOT to the HIRING MANAGER.



Template Setup Process 

  1. The following template must be completely filled out in each account creation template. 
  • It will be filled out before the account is created to ensure that the account is created accurately. 

  • Information that should already be in the ticket: 
  • Requester: Person submitting the request; account: business unit, Reg date: day account is created; Title: job title; EMP ID: Workday ID number/Oracle number 
  • Password should be generated from a random password generator.  
  • NOTE: consultants do not get added to kissflow, do not have an employee ID number, and must have the account set to expire with no larger than a 90-day window with the following exception: Infosys, GSD, and SAS consultant accounts should be set to expire after no more than 6 months. Cognizant consultant accounts should be set to expire no later than 25 OCT 2018. 
  • To fully fill this template out you must do the following: 
  • Obtain required groups and business unit description from previously existing member of the requested business unit. 

Right click > Find… > copy and paste the BU into the description

This will return all users with in that business unit. Open three of them and look on the general tab. The description field will have the information needed to fill out office name, description and department. Find one that is the same title or similar job description. Unless otherwise requested, best practice is to assign to less OU groups than more. Person requesting the new user account can always ask to have more groups added to the new AD account 

  • [100283101100(Business Unit/Cost Center) - HEB-Project Mgmt,PB,USBO (office name)] Everything together will be Description 
  • From this same area, we can find a user who we use as a reference for the groups required. 
  • See Example below 
  • From this we get both the Distribution Group, Security Group and Box group. They will look like the following

    • On kissflow ticket, it will also request what applications the user needs access to as well. Each application will have a group (or groups) that are required to be added to the users account 
    • Each listed group is to be added to the “Added to” field followed by a semicolon 
    • grpXenApp_JDE 
    • grpVPN-JDEdwards 
    • All JDE Users 
    • Digital Catalog Access: Automatic 
    • Daymon Reporting Access: KB00052
    • grp_SAPBI41-Account Name corresponding to their Business Unit in AD 
    • XRM: Automatic 
    • grpXenApp_SCBMS 
    • Finance Reporting: grp_SAPBI41-Financial Reporting 
    • Field Force: Automatic 
    • Spreadsheet ServerAccess  KB00061  SSJDE Configurator Access Process 
    • grpXenApp_Spreadsheet  
    • grpHyperionUsers 
    • BM Maintenance 

The Path will be based on the user you referenced for default business unit groups. 
Example below


  • If the user is an Event Manager, they will be getting a Kiosk License 
  • All other users will be getting E3 licenses. 
  • For Consultants, Setting Expiration Date will be referenced later in this KB 
  • Kissflow: This will be addressed after the account is created 
  • SMTP Entries 
  • These are based on two things 
  • Accepted Domains List KB00120 Link to Accepted Domains for Daymon Worldwide 
  • Requested Business Unit (,,, etc.) 
  • All Users will have, however they may have it as a secondary STMP address 
    Example below

    • Click here for a list of acceptable domains KB00120
    • NOTE: All mailbox accounts will be created with an email address first. 

 Account Creation

 If the user is requested with a different email address than please follow the below steps on changing this to the proper SMTP

    • Navigate to the user objects “Attribute Editor Tab”

    • Double click the “proxyAddresses” attribute 

    • Click the already present”” 
    • Click “Remove” to bring it to the “Value to Add:” field 
    • Change the ‘SMTP’ to a lower case ‘smtp’ and click “Add”

  • Now type in the “Value to add:” field with the desired email address and add “SMTP:” before it. 
  • Click “Ok”

  • You will now have a username and email for each user created, this will take several minutes to replicate to the online portal 

During this time, add the relevant security groups either requested in the ticket, or the base security and distribution groups for that users BU. Generally speaking, every user will get 3 groups added: a security group, a distribution list, and a box group. For CDS, only office users will get box groups. 
NOTE: If unsure what groups should be added please refer to a user’s groups that are already a member of that BU. You can do this by search for the BU number in the description field.

Verify that all information has transferred correctly into the user object, and make any corrections. 
If this is a consultant account be sure to set the expiration date on the Account tab of the AD object to the end date indicated in the NDA or Exhibit A. If this is over 90 days only set the account to expire maximum 90 days from creation.


When the license is added, the portal will then create the mailbox for the user. This will take several minutes. As DL’s no longer sync with AD, users will need to be manually added into DL’s via the portal.  

  • Navigate to via a browser. 
  • Log in with Daymon credentials. 
  • Click the admin tile, and then navigate to the exchange admin center

Click on groups under recipients:

Click on the magnifying glass, search for the DL. 

Double click on the intended DL, which will pop out this screen:

  • Click on membership, click the plus to add the user. 
  • Search for the user. 
  • Double click the user (click the user, click add). 
  • Click "OK". 
  • Click "Save". 
    Important: if you do not click save on the DL screen after adding the user to the list, it will not add the user. CLICK SAVE. Do this for each DL. 

Adding user in kissflow is done via the following method. 

  1. Navigate to Kissflow Sign In Page and with the credentials in the Password Vault. 


You will see:

Click on "INVITE USERS" and you will get the following popup:


Type in the new users email address and it will add their account. 

If a computer or other hardware is not requested, close the ticket. 

If a computer is requested refer to KB00080  for that process. 

Create a new ticket for that process and be sure to document the hardware request ticket in new hire ticket (and vice versa). Then close the new hire ticket. 




AD Creation for Consultant 

Contractors / Consultants cannot be invited to Kissflow nor added to the Employee Master List. They are not permitted to submit requests as this should be done by their requester or Manager. 



  • Setting up consultant request is the same as the Full time user creation process, except that it needs to have the exhibit A and a NDA. The NDA has to be signed by the consultant and it is valid for 90 days. 
  • Employee number is not available for consultant. Whereas a full time emloyee witll have an employee id / Oracle number 


(Creating a Consultant is the same process where only the below steps differ) 

  • Go to AD User accounts Consultant (right click) New  Users. 
  • In General Tab mention description as "Requested by Manager name". 
  • In Organization Tab mention Manager name also in Manager Field. 
  • when a consultant account is created, an end date has to be updated based on the end date on the NDA. 
  • Never add consultants to kissflow. 


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