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This article contains the process for printer support. 



*NOTE: There is no standard support for printers.  

  • Most printers are either leased of have a support contract; contact information for hardware support should be listed on a label on the printer itself.  
  • End users are expected to clear paper jams and refill paper. 
  • If the paper jam is at DRC and the end user is not comfortable with clearing the jam, add to the watch list of the ticket for assistance. 
  • Toner or ink cartridge are serviced by the Office Supply Team or a vendor. For DRC location Mario Cardillo is the contact for office supplies. 

Team should give "best effort" and basic troubleshooting.

  • Make sure printer is powered on
  • Check indicator lights.  If it is flashing an error (or blinking light) you can search google to find out what the issues is by printer model name
  • Check to make sure all cables are properly seated.
  • Check for paper jam or no paper
  • Check the control panel>printer find the printer check to see if offline or if a print job is stuck.  If the printer is set to work "offline" remove the check mark.  If there is a print job stuck, delete the print job.
  • Try sending a test page to the printer.



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