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This article provides the process for termination of consultant accounts. 




Remove Windows Domain account

  • Any terminations should be treated as high priority! 
  • Daymon never forwards email from a terminated user's mailbox to another associate. Manager or not. We can only provide full-access. 


  1. Find the user object in ADUC, open the user's accountand continue with the de-provisioning process depending on how the user was terminated: 
  • For terminations that are not effective immediately, the user account must be set to expire at a specified date in the future. 
  • Go to the Account tab, select end of in the Account expires section and specify the future date given in the termination email. 

  • Once the termination date has been met, continue with the process 

For terminations that are immediate, continue with the process 
Employee name: 
Disabled user in AD: Yes 
Moved user to Disabled Accounts OU: Yes 
Removed user from AD Groups: 
Hid user in the GAL: Yes 
Removed Fax Number from AD: Yes 
Removed Spreadsheet Server:  Yes 
Transfer Box contents to Box Admin: Yes 
 2. Use the below query in powershell in order to get all the groups the user in a member of. Note in the ticket the groups that you are removing from the Members Of tab. You will be replacing the “username” with the terminated employee’s username. 

  • The following CMD dsquery command can be run to get all the members of groups: dsquery user -samid username | dsget user -memberof | dsget group -samid 
  • All Distribution group removals will need to be done in the Office 365 Exchange console as making the changes in AD will not actually remove the user from the group 

 3. Check the Telephones tab and confirm there is no Fax number listed. 

  •  If there is, that number needs to be removed and then the efax number found on Box needs to be updated by a Daymon core team member 
  • Remove user from Kissflow admin and master list: 

 4. Access Kissflow via Kissflow.

5. Navigate to Masters list...

6. Then to EmployeeMaster List

7. Then Search for the user and when found, select the users entry, and right click and remove it.

8. Save the disk icon in the upper right of the sheet window

9. Navigate to ADMIN, then to Manage under User Management

10. Search for the user

11. Click on the box next to their name

12. Once the user is selected, click on the deactivate user at the bottom of the entry

13. Change user license and remove from Distribution Groups

  • Navigate to the
  • Click "Admin"
  • Search users and find the user you're looking for

  • Click on "Edit".  Change the existing license to "E1" and hit save.

This should be the result


  • Then under Admin Center page, click on Exchange, then groups

  • From the below page, you can search for each distribution group a terminated employee is listed as a member and remove them.

14.  Once the user is removed from the Distribution groups, send an email to the following application owners so they can update their own applications and logins.






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