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Daymon's network is down. 



1. Open any web browser and go to the following URL: https://dayorion01/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?ViewKey=NPM%20Summary 

  • If prompted with a security alert, add the exception to your browser and continue to login using your AD Username. 

Locate and use the export to PDF option located in the top right-hand corner (this is located from the NPM Summary page within the site under the Group Details page) and attach the PDF to the ticket. 

  1. Attempt to gather the status of the indicator lights of the onsite modem and any other networking devices.

3. Verify if the ISP has already been contacted, if so please document the associated ticket number to your tickets notes. 

4. Send an e-mail with outage details referencing zendesk ticket number out to the following:    


  • IOC Announcements(IOC Announcements) 
  • IS NetworkingGroup ( 

*NOTE: IS NetworkingGroup (" should be emailed separately from the Cognizant Helpdesk announcements. 

  1. Contact Sorin Dosoftei (203.352.7717 Desk / 203.918.4814 Cell) to notify of the issue.
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