Determining Daymon's Network Status via Solarwinds - Network - DAY




The following issues are being reported: 

  • High Latency / Slowness 
  • Network Down 
  • Any Network related problems 



 1. Open any web browser and go to the following URL: https://dayorion01/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?ViewKey=NPM%20Summary 

  • If prompted with a security alert, add the exception to your browser and continue to login using your AD Username. 

2. Gather information from the user about status of the network's performance and include these details in your ticket: 

  • What time did the issue start 
  • How many users are affected 
  • Is this a on-going issue, etc... 
  • Network slowness/ high latency  

3. From the NPM Summary page use the map to locate the site. 

4. Select the location and review the information for the Group Details page for any adverse network conditions.  

  • If the site is showing signs of latency or poor network performance, locate and use the export to PDF option located in the top right hand corner and attach the PDF to the ticket.  
  • If the site is listed as down, click  KB00103  for further instructions. 


*NOTE: Some sites may allow you to investigate specific network attached devices under Group Members. You will be able to mouse over these objects and will receive brief details of a specific device's performance. Select adversely affected devices to pull up its summary page and export the page's contents to PDF to attach to the ticket.  



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