Resources Not Available - VPN- DAY




Resources are not available (shared drives, web bookmarks). 


By default, the new VPN will not contain published Shared Drives or Web Bookmarks on the landing page. One exception has been made so far – the JDE users will have three web links published. 



The following group of users will be blocked from accessing the Daymon SSL VPN: 

  • Daymon/Enterprise Admins 
  • Daymon/Schema Admins 
  • Daymon/grpSVCAccounts 
  • Daymon/Domain Admins 


By default, there should not be any other selections other than Pulse. All access will be done through Pulse.  The basic Policy allows the following access to any host on the network: 

  • FTP 
  • CIFS (File Sharing ie:\\server\share\ access through Explorer) 
  • HTTP/S 
  • RDP (TCP 3389) 
  • DNS (UDP 53) 
  • TCP Ports needed for Spread Sheet Server 
  • Ping 


End users can create their own web bookmarks or share drives in the VPN portal. Please click here to learn how. 

  • If the end user presents a justifiable business case for a resource to be published in VPN, NetOps will consider it. Please forward these particular types of requests to NetOps. 


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